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Our catalog has two main exhibits the digital and fine-arts. The digital art gallery displays modern computer artists and the fine art gallery parades famous classic paintings, graphics, drawings, and photography. Surrealist art prevail in our collection, but we don't limit our exhibition to surreal art exclusively.
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Contemporary Artists' Catalog
Since the early 1970s the vocabulary used to describe visual art has expanded drastically. Many artists, students, teachers, and critics have suddenly found themselves drowning in a sea of jargon that seems to have descended suddenly from nowhere.
A straightforward guide to modern artists is greatly needed.

This artist's collection is intended to be a guide into the frontier of current tendencies of visual art and culture. It includes several hundreds of famous fine-art masters and modern 3D & 2D digital-art artist that have recently entered visual arts. Even though, fantasy and surreal art themes prevail in our gallery we don't limit our exhibition to surrealism or fantastic art only. Below are some definitions of the modern art tendencies we proudly present.

Modern art genres Definitions:
Fantasy art
A genre that depicts mysterious or magic themes, creatures or settings. Fantasy art can appear in many forms, whether it's sword wielding barbarians, fairies, elves or angels, or else. There is some overlap with science fiction, horror and other fiction art, however, there are unique elements not found in other forms of art.
Fantastic art
The parameters of fantastic art have been traditionally confined to fine-art painting, illustration, digital art and photography. Fantastic art explores spirituality, imagination, grotesque, mysterious visions, depicts the inner life, mythology, occultism and mysticism.
Neosurrealism art
Neo-Surrealism illustrates the complex and compound imagery of dreams or subconscious visions interlaced with ordinary materialistic objects in irrational space and form combinations.
Visionary art
Visionary artists clam crossing the physical world and depicting a wider vision of consciousness including spiritual, or mystical themes. Some modern artists apply spiritual practices, and get inspiration from psychedelic and psychotic experiences.

Additional artistic genres our gallery presents:
- Art deco
- Celtic art
- Dream art
- Dark art
- Fantastic realism
- Fairy art
- Goth, Gothic
- Neo-romanticism
- Magic realism
- Outsider art
- Psychedelic, Pop-art
- Post-surrealism

Fine Art, Crowd54, surreal photo
Misha Gordin

Fine Art, Falling
S√°ndor Badacsonyi

Fine Art, Untitled triptych
Karl Persson

Fine Art, Self Portrait as Fireworks
Julie Heffernan

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Fine Art, Grand Central Terminal media: Fine Art
title: Grand Central Terminal

R: 4.50
Fine Art, Notre Dame media: Fine Art
title: Notre Dame

R: 4.50
Fine Art, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk media: Fine Art
title: Curtiss P-40 Warhawk

R: 5.00
Fine Art, Muhammad Ali media: Fine Art
title: Muhammad Ali

R: 4.00


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Alexi Torres is known for his oil paintings that are painted to appear as if knitted and woven. Born in Matanzas, Cuba, and studied at National School of Arts.

website views: 17
R: 4.00
added/updated: Oct 18th, 2013
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If you are a serious creative surrealist artist with a strong commitment to your art, we would be happy to see your works in our gallery. There is no charge for inclusion in our exhibits. Please include a website address where your art may be viewed. Be aware that we do not collect or use your personal information.
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