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Digital Art, Infomitites, surreal, computer, oracle, repasky

Infomitites, Tom Repasky

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title: Infomitites
media: Digital Art

description: The new oracle has its followers and they are the Infomitites. Some seem to worship the New Way. Seeking a window into the mind and soul of man. Information is grace. Knowledge is power. The past is a story. The future is what they seek.

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   R: 4.00

total image views: 4444    this month views: 63    today image views: 1

original image size: 162.9 KB    dimensions: 1200 x 700 pix    full-size views: 1178    votes: 2    score: 8

image tags: surreal, computer, oracle, repasky
Tom Repasky
United States

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Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky The 3d and 2d art of Tom Repasky, surreal and abstract, explorations of the human psyche through metaphysical digital art short stories, poetry, quotes, near death experience.
sub/update: Mar 26th, 2009    score: 4    votes: 1
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R: 4.00

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